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Artists needed to collaborate on Fugitive Takedown sequel

2007-12-01 22:20:39 by British-Nanny

I'm planning a sequel to top-down police chase/racing game Fugitive Takedown, starting 2008.

I want to have a choice of 2-3 track/circuits in the new version but as you can see i can't draw to save my life. So I'm looking for artists who can create cool looking maps that won't kill the frame rate.

Each circuit is broken up into 9 different maps (each one a 1440 pixel square) so they are fairly big.

If you interested in designing and drawing a whole circuit from scratch that is cool, otherwise I might lay out some rough circuits and get interested artists to pretty them up. Contact me if you are interested in either.

btw the sequel will also feature more cars, loads more moving hazards, a shallower learning curve for the nubs, and more john Bunnell, of course. it will own all other top-down police-themed bunnell-voiced driving games!


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2008-05-20 09:27:16

L0l no comments....


2008-06-17 19:39:23

You make the best flashes ever.

British-Nanny responds:

thanks kj - thats way too kind.
*slips jeff a tenner*


2008-08-22 03:31:50

I SEE POTENTIAL IN THIS GAME!!! Heres some ideas for the next game: 1. instad of a race track, make an "open world" style game. 2. keep the physics! they kick ass! 3. more types police cars (including unmarked) and more bad guys. 4. maybe earn "pay" at the end of your shift (timer) and then save up for engine upgrades, handling upgrades ect... 5. GUNS!!!


2008-08-22 04:22:19

also i like how the cars turn on a front pivot rather than a center pivot (like most flash games do) it makes the driving much more realistic. reversing even handles realistic.


2008-10-27 13:36:35

hey,im a flash animator progammer and i saw your exelent game,if you are making a collaborative proyect count me in i have ideas and some desings for this cool game!!!!


2008-12-01 21:50:45

Exactly one year comment.